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This is a site dedicated to the wines of the Madiran, a village located in the deep South West of France, near the Pyrénées, at the intersection of three departments of France – the Gers, Hautes-Pyrénées and Pyrénées-Atlantiques.

There are around 1400 hectares of vineyards in the Madiran AOC, producing a range of red and white wines.

Although with a reputation for toughness, due to the tannet grape that is used in their wine production, in recent years a new breed of wine growers in the area has succeeded in making the red wines of Madiran wines that can now be appreciated by a much wider circle of admirers.

Pacherence de Vic-Bilh

Madiran is known primarily for its robust red wines, but under the name of Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh it also makes some superb white wines, which are fruity and elegant.

Both sweet and dry white wines are produced, and the sweet wines in particular offer excellent value for money.


Wine production in Madiran is undertaken through three major cooperatives and over 50 independent wine growers.

In 1999 20 of the some of the leading producers decided to pool their experience and knowledge to form a development and marketing group called ALTEMA.

ALTEMA includes such luminary producers as Pierre Laplace, Didier Barré, Alain Bortolussi and Guy Capmartin.

Outside of the group is the legendary Alain Brumont, whose wines have a worldwide reputation, and who many consider to be trailing the path for the future of the area.


The village of Madiran has the same authenticity as those of the wines produced in the area.

Each year there are two major wine festivals, in August and November, as well as a New Year’s Eve event, which attracts visitors from all over France.

If you tire of tasting wine, there are also many local fetes and music festivals in the surrounding areas.


We toast an appreciation of the wines of Madiran and this lovely part of France by a selection of striking images provided by Kjell Karlsson of Viniphoto.

The gallery probably says more about the wines and their producers than we can ever say in words and we hope spurs you on to visit the area, meet the producers and discover their wines.